You Save: ₹6191.00

Direct Drive Motor

Silent, energy efficient & durable!
Intelli Drive is the system where the motor is directly connected to the
drum of the washing machine. Power is delivered right from the motor to
the Tub, resulting in a highly durable, powerful, and quiet washing
machine & longer overall lifespan.

Big Capacity

Washes large laundry load!
Allows you to fit more clothes into the tub, which means :
Double the wash – half the effort in washing,
Big washing cost less to run – energy efficient, saving water

Ultra Cube Wash

Delivers best Wash Quality!
Ultra Cube Pulsator: Tangle Free Laundry, Maximum turbulence in tub, Faster Draining,
Ultra Water flow: Multi- directional water flow while in operation,
Ultra Drum Design: Creates 360° water spray and help to fully dissolve detergent, also move & toss clothes.

Zero Pressure Technology

This technology helps you wash clothes in low water pressure. It ensures
the washing continues even if your home experiences low water pressure.
The inlet valves can operate at a very low water pressure.

8 Wash Program

This washing machine can wash all type of clothes hygienically !
Regular, Delicate, Mixed, Wool, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Quick Wash and Clean Tub

Fully Automatic Top Load 10.5 kg (LWMT05GX1)


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