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Trio Filter

Multi-functional Filter includes 3 different properties like Negative
Ion, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Oxidant.
The filter contains negative ions which are very helpful in creating
neutral surrounding and work as an adaptogen, thus control stress.
The anti- bacterial property in this filter helps kill bacteria and keep
surroundings free of germs.
The Antioxidant feature removes harmful active oxygen which causes
cancer and hypertension.
The filter absorbs harmful VOCs present inside the room.

Rapid Cooling – 18°C in 45 second

With rapid cooling this new-age AC cools faster than ever before. It
takes just 45 seconds to give you a comfortable cooling of up to 18 °C

Stabilizer Free Operation

Lloyd Air Conditioners come with stabiliser free operation which
prevents voltage fluctuations and also ensures safety, savings, ease and
comfort. (Range 140 V to 280 V)*

Split AC Inverter -1.0 – 5 Star (GLS12I56HAWA)


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